Terms and conditions of Booking TONA

  • TONA always performs with its own sound system.
  • Agents please NOTE that TONA's vehicles and equipment are branded 
  • Payment

  • Fifty percent deposit on an agreed fee secures a booking date, balance of payment payable just before booking date via EFT or cash on booking date. 
  • Fees quoted by Niando include travel and sound system.
  • Performance

  • TONA will arrive at the designated venue between sixty to ninety minutes before guests arrive, unless otherwise stipulated by client.
  • Minimum space needed for performance: 4 meters by 2 meters 
  • Performance space has to be covered
  • Please insure that performance space is suitable for the duration of the performance as TONA will only remove equipment once performance has ended.    
  • TONA performances consists of sets of forty five minutes. Clients can book a one, two or three sets.  
  • TONA will remove sound system and instruments from the venue as soon as the performance is over.
  • Accommodation

  • Bookings more than 150 km from Pretoria will incur accommodation costs to the client  (two single rooms).
  • For the duration of function client provides a meal per band member and soft drinks.
  • Cancellation

  • In the event of a cancellation by the client within one month prior to the booking date, the client will forfeit the deposit. 
  • In the event of a cancellation by the client one week  prior to  the booking date,  full function fee is due to TONA. 

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